How to be one of us?


  • Sincere desire and convinced that she is called to Religious life.
  • Must be Catholic and have basic knowledge of faith and Christian Doctrine.
  • Physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually healthy.
  • Have at least finished Senior High School.
  • Must be 18-35 years old.


  • birth, baptismal and confirmation and free status certificates;parents’ marriage contract;
  • medical certificate from competent physician, preferably the official physician of the Congregation;
  • transcript of records;
  • testimonial letter of good moral character issued by the parish priest or some other known priest;
  • other letters and recommendations which the Superior General may find necessary after consultation with the Vocation Directress.

Any candidate who sincerely desire to join our Congregation should be:

  • Spirituality capable of developing her own interior life through active participation in the liturgy, in-depth study of Scriptures, spiritual reading and updating her thinking in the areas of theology and philosophy.
  • Emotionally capable of experiencing wholesome interpersonal relationship;
  • Physically capable of performing the works of the Congregation.
  • Intellectually capable of acquiring the necessary preparation for the works of the Congregation;
  • Free from moral and legal impediments, which may in the future affect her religious life;
  • Qualified according to the Common Law of the Church.